We know through our experience that the teacher is the most critical factor in producing student success.

The key to recruiting and retaining high quality teachers begins with us.
We give them the tools they need to succeed.

Research shows exceptional teachers produce exceptional results!
Our new Teacher Mentoring Program challenges the status quo using an approach that is research-based to create impact in instructional delivery through information, feedback, online modules, and on-site coaching with a focus on practical classroom application.
We will deliver all mentoring on site with K-12 experts. This New Teacher Training can include up to six days of on-site instructional delivery including the following topics for new teachers:

  • Classroom management — The influence begins with you
  • Classroom management — Understanding your style and your students’ styles
  • Connecting with your students – An Understanding of the basic needs of your students and how to get the most out of each one.
  • Helping your students become goal setters as well as goal achievers.
  • Classroom dynamics and seating
  • Instructional delivery with style considerations
  • Communication and presentation strategies

Training for Mentor Teacher and Instructional Coaches
Both Option A and Option B include training for district mentors, featuring:

  • Instructional coaching
  • Overview of characteristics of high performing teachers
  • The commitment — roles and responsibilities

Instructional Coaching is also available in an online module designed for mentor teachers. This module includes strategies for instructional coaching along with practical application.

The New Teacher Mentoring Program can also be modified to meet the needs of your district.

We give them the tools to succeed!

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