Choose from one of our seven popular virtual presentations.


  • Solving Your People Puzzles: Great for Strengthening and Building Teams!
  • Getting “Fast” Results for your life: Great for Teams Looking for Inspiration and Reaching for Results!
  • Navigating Through Times of Change: Great for Leaders to Understand and Connect with their Teams During Change!
  • Connecting the “WHY”: Great for Discovering What Motivates Your Team Towards Success!
  • Building Trust with Influence: Great for Creating a Culture of Trust and Clarity of Communication!
  • Bringing Your Strengths to the Table: Great for Building on Your Team’s Strengths while Limiting Conflict!
  • The “Three P’s to Getting Results”: Great for Creating a Culture of Engagement!
  • Selling with Influence: Great for Insights on Selling to Different People and Different Styles!


As a leader you have the awesome responsibility for inspiring and serving the individuals entrusted to you. Applying the leadership concepts gained through the various leadership development courses included in the program will allow you to increase productivity and create growth in your office.

THE PROGRAM The Quest Leadership Certification Program is designed to develop leaders and equip them with the skills and tools to better understand themselves and others in order to work effectively together. The certification consists of seven leadership development courses offered at various times throughout the year, either on-site, here in Houston or via webex based training. Successful completion of all seven courses will result in the award of the Business Leader Certification.


  • Situational Leadership II
  • DISC – Human Behavior
  • DISC Part II – Advanced Human Behavior
  • Speaker’s Boot Camp: Presenting and Selling According to Style
  • Leading with Influence
  • Servant Leadership
  • Personality Table Talk – Team Dynamics

BONUS VIDEO:  Pete presents Navigating through Times of Change for more than 800 franchises worldwide!

Leadership: We’re in This Together – Navigating Through Times A.G. “Pete” Hinojosa