We hated to see students fail or give up because they didn’t believe in themselves.

Pete believed that when a student knows they have worth they will give worth away to others, and when a student thinks they are worthless they will throw their life away.

Join us as Pete shares all of his tips and insights that helped him teach with influence.

Pete Hinojosa was honored by his students when they voted him the funniest, most enthusiastic, best teacher at Kingwood High School.

Get ready to laugh and learn with this incredible offer from award-winning educator A.G. “Pete” Hinojosa. We know that being a teacher in today’s environment is filled with change and can be all kinds of stressful.

Escape from the stress and experience an uplifting, application driven presentation with social emotional learning at its core.

Pete can’t wait for you to take more than two decades of his teaching experience so you can create a classroom culture of influence. You will better understand yourself and your students.
BONUS – you will also gain insights on better working with parents, peers, and principals.



Pete is a Master Storyteller and has been Recognized:

  • By Zig Ziglar as “Better than Good” and “Passing it on to the Next generation!” in Zig’s latest book, “Better than Good”.
  • Three times as an Outstanding Secondary Educator in the Nation
  • Eight times as a recipient of “The Who’s Who in American High School Teachers”
  • Six Times Nominated Teacher of the Year
  • His students honored Pete when they voted him the funniest, most enthusiastic, and best teacher at Kingwood High School

Quest Leadership Dynamics is pleased to present this fun and informative Leadership Package for the Teachers of today!

As COPYRIGHTED information and your Continuing Education Hours in mind this kit includes downloadable content that is ONE PERSON USE but can be viewed on multiple devices!

You will receive a Certificate of Completion that you can share with your Principal and keep for your records.

A Little sneak preview of the class content…. 

The Standard
Teaching with Influence Kit Includes:

  • Teaching with Influence – A Three Part Video Series taught by the Master Trainer himself, A. G. “Pete” Hinojosa. This video series is a must for any teacher that wishes to connect with their students more effectively and have excellent classroom management skills. A $500.00 Value on its own!
  • IQ3 – Solving your People Puzzles handout  • Influence and Control Handout
  • A Certificate of Completion for finishing the Teaching with Influence Course
  • Teaching DISC Communication Cards – 4 Piece Color Set – These 8.5”x11” cards are your special guide to connecting with your students, parents, or co-workers. They give you a quick at-a-glance reflection to help you build the right relationships in the right way! A $14.95 Value!
  • Strengths and Struggles Cards – 4 Piece Color Set – These 8.5”x11” cards are a quick guide to recalling what it is you exceed at and struggle with. It will give you a way to help you take a step back and recognizing when you may be struggling. A $14.95 Value!

You can have all of this in the
Standard Teaching with Influence Kit
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For only $29.99 more, Upgrade your Standard Kit to the Deluxe Teaching with Influence

This Upgrade Includes:

  • An MP3 download of the Teaching with Influence Series – For when you want to only listen to the information being presented. A $100.00 Value!
  • ABCs of Teaching downloadable Poster – This is an 11”x17” Full Color desk poster illustrating 26 reminders from A to Z that creates a culture of positive influence for your classroom. A $5.00 Value!
  • 14 Downloadable Teacher Posters Set – Accelerate character in the classroom! Start your year off right with these vibrant colorful 11”x 17” posters that share with your students just the right messages they need to know. A $70.00 Value!
  • Two Fantastic eBooks – Two professional learning eBooks filled with extra insights and applicable information to help you live a life of influence. The two books included are: The ABCs of Teaching and How to Teach to the Four Personalities. A $20.00 Value!
  • Pete’s Newest eBook: The Virtual World and DISC – An eBook all about the virtual world and how to navigate according to the personalities of DISC. Great information for people going into a highly virtual environment. A $10.00 Value!
An upgrade worth over $200.00
for the low price of $29.99!

Pick up your set now and start learning to become
the incredible Teacher and Leader we all know you can be!

Have a Great day!


“From the time I was a 9th grade student in Mr. Hinojosa’s class until the time I became a teacher and counselor myself, I have always respected him tremendously. He is an outstanding educator, leader, speaker, and motivational person. As a teacher myself, I took his course and learned tips and tricks to understand myself and how to be a better teacher and administrator right away. Things I was able to take into the classroom the next day! Your understanding of relationships will change, in a great way! You won’t be let down!”

– Shannon Harper Boyer (Teacher and Counselor – Houston, TX)

Pete’s warm, funny and passionate speaking ability is both personally impactful but also useful in the classroom, with co-workers, and with family. The DISC Model of Human Behavior increased my knowledge of myself, the greater understanding of others which increased productivity and a positive influence as a leader. My school and I are blessed to make a difference for children and parents thus leaving a lasting legacy. We owe Pete a tremendous debt of gratitude.

Shirley Swinbank
Founder and Executive Director Yorkshire Academy – 37 Years

I remember hearing over and over from students what fun they were having in Pete’s class. I wanted kids to come out of my class saying those words so when I finally walked in to see what was actually taking place, I was drawn in to the stories. The real-life moments that explained how to be better and give people a reason to want to be with you and your team. Pete’s ease to bring all of the information to his students through stories that make it relevant to each day and moment allows the connection. And connections, relationships are what we should value the most. Learning how those relationships and your belief in both yourself and others determines how you proceed. Pete teaches students to not only value the relationships and dynamics of how that works for you, but also to value yourself!

Nicole Morgan
Secondary Educator – 30 years

Mr. Hinojosa’s class was fun and relatable! I can still remember all of the stories he told in class. What I’ve learned in his class still benefit me on daily bases. He is more than a life coach! His concept of DISC shows one’s own personality styles. I’m more of an S: non-confronting, tend to withdraw as my defense mechanism, and focus more on harmony and teamwork…I learned the do’s and don’ts of communication with different types of personalities and it helped me better understand myself and others to build lasting effective relationships! I would definitely recommend Mr. Hinojosa’s class ?

Wen Chu – Student and now Registered Nurse

“I have known Pete for about 25 years and I can say without hesitation that he is one of the greatest motivators and teachers that I have ever come across. As a student of his many years ago and as a current educator today, I cannot think of anyone more qualified or better suited to teach this course. Pete is a gifted educator and an even better man. Anytime I reflect back on my high school education. I don’t remember the methods. I don’t remember the techniques. I remember the teachers. The teachers that made a difference by investing in my future. I would not be where I am today without those teachers and I am forever indebted to them. I was so inspired I became one myself.”

I highly recommend Mr Hinojosa’s Teaching with Influence system to help you create a classroom that allows students to feel engaged and energized about learning inside and outside the classroom through servant leadership. This amount of work you put into students will pay dividends for years to come and help them grow individually, adapt your skills and ultimately eventually allow them to influence others in a positive and impactful way.

Amit Keswani MD. Assistant Professor of medicine. Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

I highly recommend Mr Hinojosa’s Teaching with Influence system to help you create a classroom that allows students to feel engaged and energized about learning inside and outside the classroom through servant leadership. This amount of work you put into students will pay dividends for years to come and help them grow individually, adapt your skills and ultimately eventually allow them to influence others in a positive and impactful way.

As Director of GEAR UP, I was looking for student leadership training and support training for teachers. Pete’s programming was excellent. Students were comfortable and successful when working with Pete. They always wanted to participate in the activities. His teacher professional development was useful and practical. Pete is very responsive to customizing his programming to your needs. I was never disappointed in the outcomes of our work together. The seven year grant worked with six school districts grades 7-12. You won’t regret using his services.

Amy Koening , Retired
Director of Gear Up Grant
Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Texas