AWWMF Book Bundle


At $50 this book bundle includes a hardback copy of AWWMF, an eBook of AWWMF, an eBook of AWWMF Study Guide, and an Audiobook version of AWWMF read aloud by the author A.G. “Pete” Hinojosa.



Introducing the AWWMF Book Bundle – a comprehensive collection that brings the heartfelt narrative of “A Walk With My Father” to life in multiple formats.

At the heart of this bundle is the physical hardback copy of A.G. “Pete” Hinojosa’s poignant memoir, “A Walk With My Father.” Delve into Pete’s deeply personal journey as he reflects on the profound lessons learned from his father, from the challenges of youth to the wisdom gained through reconciliation and rediscovery. This beautifully bound hardback edition is perfect for those who prefer the tactile experience of holding a book in their hands.

This bundle also includes everything in the AWWMF Virtual book bundle set.

Enhance your reading experience with the included eBook version of “A Walk With My Father,” allowing you to access Pete’s powerful narrative on your favorite e-reader device. Dive into his captivating story anytime, anywhere, with the convenience of digital reading.

But that’s not all – deepen your exploration of Pete’s narrative with the eBook study guide, meticulously crafted to guide your reflection on each chapter. Engage with thought-provoking questions and prompts that invite introspection and insight, enriching your understanding of Pete’s journey and its relevance to your own life.

Immerse yourself fully in Pete’s narrative with the audio book version of “A Walk With My Father,” narrated by the author himself, A.G. “Pete” Hinojosa. Let Pete’s authentic voice carry you through his captivating tale, offering a truly immersive listening experience that brings his story to life in vivid detail.

Valued at $80, the AWWMF Book Bundle is available to you for just $50, offering exceptional value for those seeking inspiration, reflection, and the timeless wisdom found within the pages of Pete’s remarkable memoir. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and connection with the AWWMF Book Bundle.